A Political Speech You Need to Watch

Oct 13 2016 Published by under Gender

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  • ecologist says:

    There's not much to say to that. Wow.

  • becca says:

    Bill was far from the worst POTUS, but he'll be the worst First Laddie OTUS ever.

  • Grumble says:

    When do we get to vote for President M. Obama?

  • drugmonkey says:

    I hear you. But this dynasty stuff is profoundly antiAmerican.

  • chall says:

    thanks for the video.

    DM> It's the way it's been in a long time and something most likely taken with from the immigrants from Europe. Sure, they could "reinvent" themselves here and get a new chance over here but the last 40-60 years I'd say it's it's pretty obvious that USA has moved same way as a lot of countries with dynasties; presidents, university-alumni, inheriting companies or other things. (Academia is not untouched by this either obvs)

    The absolute best way to counter this, imho, is to make schools equal for all so it's not as much depending on your family/money where you live etc. It's also something I doubt will happen - being slightly pessimistic after a decade in the USA noticing that a lot of people really seem to believe the "your family is the greatest predictor if you will succeed or not" among other things. After t this talking to my dentist this morning, I'd say that we'll soon see back to the 30ies when people don't have teeth anymore and then it will be even more obvious who's successful and worth rooting for...

  • Grumble says:

    "this dynasty stuff is profoundly antiAmerican"

    No, it is not. There have been PLENTY of Presidents who were related to former Presidents:

    ...yet somehow we haven't turned into a monarchy.

  • drugmonkey says:

    A literal monarchy does not exist in clear binary opposition to the ideals of this country as a democratic land of equal opportunity. There is a spectrum.

    Yes, I grasp that we are always swinging back and forth on various topics including economic and political power and that yes, we have a pronounced oligarchical hereditary system of empowerment. Our ideal, however, continues to be equal opportunity untethered to who your parents happen to be.

    Political dynasties push us in the wrong direction and are to be opposed wherever possible. (Note that we have Senate and House dynasties as well.) I was against the candidacy of HRC at the outset because she is too damn old and to somewhat lesser extent because she is married to a previous president. I'm still uncomfortable with this although obviously it pales in comparison to the policy issues.

  • Grumble says:

    I don't really see how Bill ---> Hillary is a Clinton "dynasty". For one thing, there is a 20 year gap between their presidencies. For another, Hillary worked extremely hard to get where she is. Yes, she leveraged both the connections she and Bill made and her name recognition. But those alone aren't enough under our system. Just ask a lonely guy nursing beers down in a bar in Miami. His name is Jeb.

    We have far worse problems built into the political system than the remote possibility of dynasties taking undue power. The foremost is that there is wayyyy too much influence of money on politicians. This is called corruption, and it is perhaps the biggest threat we face.

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