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Jul 22 2016 Published by under Anger

Sometimes just shaking your head isn't enough.

One of the things that I've believed is the very essence of the American Dream is the aspiration to own your own little home, live in a nice neighborhood, raise your kids as best you can and live happily ever after with your spouse.

NBC Philadelphia reported on the American Dream of one couple as it is right now in 2016.

The couple said they bought the house in 2014 and moved there for a fresh start — a place where their boys, now ages 8 and 13, could play in the yard with the four family dogs and leave behind the hurt of their biological parents’ struggles with drugs and crime.

But, the pair said, they found only discrimination and hate. First, they said, in the form of the frivolous lawsuit, and later during a months-long campaign of repeated vandalism to their home that included someone using the cover of night to scrawl the slur onto their garage, breaking their security sensors on numerous occasions and twice taking a hacksaw to the white fence that supposedly sparked it all.

There's a gofundme set up to pay this family's legal bills.

I'm going to suggest that this is a great opportunity to give even as little as $5 just to register a vote of protest against hatred and in support of decency. Or as the lighting of a candle in the darkness.

Or maybe, as I do, you think that this could easily be you, your family or the family of people that are really close to you. The specifics may vary. Maybe it is not your sexual orientation but the color of your skin. Maybe it is your religion or the clothes you choose to wear. Maybe it is your chosen profession or perhaps a health or ability condition. Whatever it may be, you might be unlucky enough to end up in a neighborhood with people who hate you for what you are, not for who you are. And some of these sick individuals may be feel it is perfectly acceptable to persecute you because of their hatred.

And if so perhaps you hope, as I do, that if you had uncharitable neighbors like these poor people do, that the rest of the country would rise up and register a small vote of support for you.

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  • physioprof says:

    I just read the entire court decision, and I wonder why the judge didn't grant the defendant's request for attorneys fees? Definitely it is a pretty high bar for awarding attorneys fees in the US to the winning party in a civil lawsuit, but it is so obvious that this was a frivolous suit designed to harrass the defendants, and that the judge was aware of this and also that the judge was aware that the plaintiffs' testimony was a huge pack of lies.

  • eeke says:

    Doesn't this qualify as a hate crime? Even though, to this point, it is non-violent? If the harassment continues and the perps are identified, could the fuckers be prosecuted? I saw an extremely troubling video posted on facebook where an African American woman was subject to similar harassment at her home in Indiana. She said she was also run off the road while driving. I can't help but think that part of this is the Drumpfists feeling empowered to act on their hatred, although the story posted above goes back a few years.

  • El Picador says:

    Have to have evidence of specific crimes by specific people for the paint and vandalism to be prosecutable issues, one would assume. The lawsuits might be hard to turn into a criminal case. So who is going to pay for a civil suit?

  • Bagger Vance says:

    Fifty will get you a hundred it's (yet another) self-inflicted fake.

  • drugmonkey says:

    Did you read the judge's decision BV?

  • Bagger Vance says:

    Okay, looked at the link and not exactly case proven. Neighbors fight about crap all the time, but if it's a hate crime, you're on the news, and suddenly you've got a Gofundme with $50k in it.

    I only said 50/50 but it's awfully convenient for public sympathy.

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