March Madness Donor's Choose Drive!

Mar 17 2015 Published by under Donors Choose

Folks, you know how I love the Donor's Choose.

[Almost as much as I don't like March Madness, in a curious balance of the Force. ]

Anyway, GertyZ and her co-conspirator Namaste-ish have cooked up another Basket Baller Bracket Bragger thingy.

Join IN. The rules are simple.

So here's the deal. If you wanna play, you gotta pay. Go to Donor's Choose and put down your entry fee ($10, students and postdocs can enter for $5). Then go to and fill out a bracket. The group name is Darwin's Balls, the password is MarieCurie. Then let the trash-talking begin!! Also, @Namaste_Ish has arranged for some excellent prizes for the winners. Fun trash talking AND prizes!!

GertyZ also had some projects to recommend that you support so check out her selections.

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  • Namesaste_Ish says:

    This is one of those non-stop fun things we get to do in science. Thanks for the shout out and playing Ted. You're a badass. I think the smart money is on Datahound to kill us all, and sweep the @drisis shoe consult, @doc_becca cocktail and @sugar scientist cookies at every round.

  • Drugmonkey says:

    You do good works, Namasteish

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