Sunday Sermon: Obama has something to say to GenX scientists

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  • You know, Obama is a boomer, but not a classical boomer like Clinton-- with a 1961 birthdate, he is almost one of us given five years or so.

  • dr.potnia.theron says:

    JB: this is the poverty of trying to assign generational categories by age.

  • Busy says:

    Next time some one says there's no more racism nowadays, show them the YouTube comments page for that speech.

  • drugmonkey says:

    JB- yes, he's a Boomer. So what? Kennedy was preWar, of course, yet he was foundational for Boomers in a lot of ways.

  • Oh, I absolutely agree with you and (I think) potnia -- that culturally at least, Obama is our first GenX president. Especially in the 2008 campaign there was a sense that if were elected then everything would change and really was the first president I really voted *for* as opposed to simply voting for somebody better than the alternative. While he didn't turn out to be the transformational leader we had, sometimes in speeches like this you can kind of see the great president he could have been.

  • Grumble says:

    Certainly compared with the brain-dead shrub who was his predecessor, it's been gratifying to have a president who can string two words together without spilling them all over his shirt.

    But speechifying only gets you so far. I too voted *for* him in 2008. But by 2012, I neither voted *for* him nor for him. To my complete surprise, the Green candidate I voted *for* lost the election.

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