Woodgett on modern science careers

Jul 14 2014 Published by under Careerism

Nailed it:

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  • dsks says:

    Got a coupla McNair students in my lab this summer. Great students, great program, but after one of them voiced an interest in a graduate degree in neuroscience I confess I didn't come across as enthusiastic as I probably should have. You just get to pondering the moral caveats in re balancing the necessary push to encourage diversity in the Ivory Tower with the fact that said tower looks like it's going to come down at any minute, and that the basement your piling them all into is going to bear the full force of the impact when it does. It seems to me that ensuring the next cohort of disenchanted, depressed, aimless and angry postdocs is sufficiently diverse in its gender and ethnic make up is going to represent a somewhat Pyrrhic victory for social progress.

    Oh, yeah, I know, on the bright side there are all those "alternative careers" to choose from &c, &c...

  • drugmonkey says:

    Right there with you dsks. It is an ugly time for science. Those who give a crap are the ones having to make hard choices, no?

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