Ask A ScienceBlogger: Why Blog?

Jun 16 2008 Published by under Blogging

A reader asked: "There are many, many academic bloggers out there feverishly blogging about their areas of interest. Still, there are many, many more academics who don't. So, why do you blog and how does blogging help with your research?"

I blog here on at DrugMonkey in the ScienceBlogs network for two reasons:
(1) To make it very clear that being a successful scientist ain't fucking rocket science, and doesn't require "genius" or any other type of magical intellectual prowess. It is a profession like any other, and the skills necessary to succeed can be learned. I consider this an important point to convey as an aspect of making science much more inclusive to people other than well-off white dudes.
(2) Because I am an egomaniacal wackaloon exhibitionist!
Blogging does not "help my research", but I hope it helps other scientists succeed at their own professional goals.

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