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Science Networking:

One of my agents passed along the link to BiomedExperts, the latest tool to geek away endless hours obsessing about your publications. Or, more precisely your cloud of scientific collaborators (and their collaborators....) linked through your co-authored publications.

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Impact Factor Trends at the GlamourMags

Jun 04 2008 Published by under LinkLove, Science Publication

CNS-impact-teaser.jpgThis one is for the impact factor geeks. The ever engaging Lou of A scientist's life has posted a graph reviewing the changes in the impact factors of Cell, Nature and Science from 1992-2006.
You'll have to click through for the full graph but gee, there was a lot of action 2000-2002 wasn't there? We don't usually think of the relative rankings as being quite so....dynamic, over such short intervals, do we? Or is that just me since I never really pay attention to trends in any serious way.
This highlights yet another absurdity in the process of judging a CV by reviewing the journals listed. I can't imagine anyone noting the publication year and mentally adjusting relative rankings by changes in absolute or relative Impact Factor. Maybe we should just go ahead and start itemizing CV entries with the appropriate IF for the relevant publication year?

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SB Class of 2008 Welcomes Another New SciBling!

Feb 09 2008 Published by under Blogging, LinkLove, Tribe of Science

Welcome to Alice Pawley who joins ScienceWoman over at "On being a scientist and a woman". ScienceWoman writes:

Alice Pawley is a first-year faculty member in engineering education at Purdue University, and she'll bring a wonderful new dimension to the stories on the blog. Alice and I "met" on the 'net and she has a great writing voice and both a scholarly and personal perspective on women in STEM fields.

Yea! More science faculty blogging!

Alice's research and professional interests center on gender perspectives and theories in engineering.

Now that sounds like fun! Looking forward to her stuff.

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Is there anything this woman is not insanely good at?

OMG! And now we find out Female Science Professor has talent for hilarious cartoons too? We are not worthy....

Click the picture for the rest...

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