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When two assistant professors are chasing one tenure slot in your department

Sep 03 2015 Published by under Humor

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The plot thickens...

Mar 03 2015 Published by under Humor

for those of you poor souls who do not understand Twitter. like PP.

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Careful with your manuscript edits, folks

via Twitter and retractionwatch, some hilarity that ended up in the published version of a paper*.

Although association preferences documented in our study theoretically could be a consequence of either mating or shoaling preferences in the different female groups investigated (should we cite the crappy Gabor paper here?), shoaling preferences are unlikely drivers of the documented patterns both because of evidence from previous research and inconsistencies with a priori predictions.

Careful what sorts of editorial manuscript comments you let slip through, people.

*apparently the authors are trying to correct the record so it may not last in the official version at the journal.

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The Black Knight is my new spirit animal

Jan 15 2014 Published by under Careerism, Humor

I think @mbeisen Twitted one of the first #MontyPythonScience I saw. There's lots of hilarity. But this one just floored me.

" 'tis but a scratch"
"A scratch? Half your funding's been cut"
"I've had worse"

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RIP Lou Reed

Oct 29 2013 Published by under Humor, Music

"Oh, I love journalists".

Me too, dude, me too.

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SFN 2013 funnies

Oct 22 2013 Published by under Humor, Society for Neuroscience

In case you missed it, @markgbaxter was KILLING it last night with the #SFNmemes

some of my favorites were perhaps


I think @neuropolarbear started it.

And there was contribution from @nickwan

Go Read.

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Sequester Impacts

May 22 2013 Published by under #FWDAOTI, Humor

That thing where someone else at the University is walking around, obviously checking out under-utilized lab space and then when caught says:

"Oh, well, it looked on RePORTER like you have just like the one grant in no-cost extension so.... [awkward pause]"

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Repost: Study Section, Act I

I think it has been some time since I last reposted this. This originally appeared Jun 11, 2008.

Time: February, June or October
Setting: The Washington Triangle National Hotel, Washington DC

    Dramatis Personæ:

  • Assistant Professor Yun Gun (ad hoc)
  • Associate Professor Rap I.D. Squirrel (standing member)
  • Professor H. Ed Badger (standing member, second term)
  • Dr. Cat Herder (Scientific Review Officer)
  • The Chorus (assorted members of the Panel)
  • Lurkers (various Program Officers, off in the shadows)

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...."what a drag".

Feb 11 2013 Published by under FWDAOTI, Humor

For my lovely persecution complex commenters....

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"Sure I read the paper, but I, ahh, can't remember all the details"

Feb 02 2012 Published by under #FWDAOTI, Humor

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