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Donor's Choose update

A few thoughts

First, check out the completed projects page for my challenge. The generous contributions of the readers of this blog have contributed to the funding of three projects already! thanks, and be sure to read the notes from the teachers.

Twenty one of you have thrown down over $1,500 under my challenge. This, my friends, is one of the best things of all about this community you have built around my random blathering. I am humbled. (You know, for once anyway....)

Janet, aka, she who has been the driving force behind science-blogger drives for Donor's Choose for six years now, has a post up riffing on the I am the 99% idea. Go check it out and feel free to make your own picture. Post it on your blog, Twitt it or send it to her (or to me and I'll post 'em here). Or heck, just type out your reasons in the comments.

At this writing the Scientopia readership has pulled our challenge board into a precarious second place (ahead of a Phil Plait driven Discover Blogs challengeboard) in the number of people contributing. My readers know that I just love this measure. The more of you that donate, with whatever small amount you can afford, the better I like it. This is about community engagement.

Overall, the Science Bloggers for Students 2011 drive has generated $18,617 from 287 contributors. Wow. Keep it rolling folks. We have until October 22.

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Ok Readers, let's take a run at another DonorsChoose Challenge!

Oct 13 2011 Published by under Donors Choose, DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge

Wow! Thanks to all of you readers who stepped up to give little kids in Maine a carpet to sit on, instead of a dirty, wet linoleum floor.

Now here's a chance to help some big kids. High school students in a high poverty school in Gaffney SC need materials for dissections.

My Anatomy and Physiology students attend a high poverty school that has limited resources and monies available. They are juniors or seniors who have identified their career path to be in the health science field. Some have set goals to be lab technicians while others strive for their doctorates. All of them want to learn and are interested in the structure and function of the human body. We have an enormous amount of fun learning and utilizing the limited resources we have.

Sure, and I remember the lab demos from my science classes the best. Exploding stuff and thermogenic reactions. Inclined planes, air tables and dropping shit. From biology, the dissections. Are you any different?

Let's try to give these kids an experience they will remember when they are at my ripe old age...

My students need dissection specimens, like 40 sheep eyes, 40 sheep hearts, 40 sheep half brains, and dissection supplies to conduct essential labs in anatomy class.

Remember, every little bit counts. Can you spare $5? Even if you gave your bit already, pass along the link. Ask your Facebook friends to donate. Twitt your Tweeps.

It's for the next generation. Don't you want them to know a little something when they come to re-insert your catheter at Happy Golden Acres? I know you do.

Give. Your urethra will thank you later.

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A place for kids to sit

Oct 10 2011 Published by under Donors Choose, DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge

One of the Donor's Choose projects that I am featuring in my challenge is for

A Place to Sit:

Have you ever had to sit on a dirty floor? This is what my students must do each day in my classroom, we don't have a rug or carpet in my class so my students have to sit on the floor to learn. The floor has dirt from our playground and in the winter it has small puddles of water from boots.

The primary school is in Sanford ME and is a high poverty school. Looks like a nice location.

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Brother or Sister.... Can you spare a dime?

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Science up the Schools with the DrugMonkey Blog DonorsChoose Drive for 2011

Oct 04 2011 Published by under Donors Choose, DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge

As you are aware, Dear Reader, one of my favorite times of year as a blogger is October. Because we get the chance to put on the full court press for DonorsChoose, an organization that helps teachers fund small projects in their classrooms. Projects that range from the inspirational, to the disturbingly mundane- a rug for the children to sit on?

You will note that I have selected numerous projects which feature dissection kits. This is no coincidence. Those biology labs tend to be some of the most memorable ones from our schooling, are they not? It also so happens that one of my kids had the opportunity to dissect a bazillion things in a summer camp. A camp that my spouse and I are able to afford, obviously, but I have little doubt many of the parents in the High Poverty schools I've selected cannot do the same. How can we not do a little bit to help out these children?

Now, on to the seerious beesnees. We do this drive as part of the ScienceBloggers for Students Challenge, in which we here at Scientopia compete against those other lame collectives like the FreeThoughters, Pirates, SciAmSellouts, LabLamers and whomever still remains at ScienceBlogs brought to you by National Geographic. Other glossy mag collectives like WIRED, Discover and CENmag have skin in the game too.

DearReader, we want to beat them. On the measure that matters most which is not the cash, not the projects funded. Oh, no. The most important bragging right is the number of donors! That's right. What really matters here is that we get as many people as possible participating. Only have $5? Make a donation. Every little bit counts. Make a statement that you stand up for science (and health, and humanities, and...) education. You can skip a couple of lattes to make up for it....

For those of you new to this blog's participation in Donor's Choose, a word to the wise. Starving graduate students in the audience have been, proportionally speaking, very generous in past years. So if you are a postdoc or a prof.....yeah. Let's get 'er done.

Final note, even if you cannot afford to donate this year, we would appreciate your participation by bringing Donor's Choose to the attention of some folks that may never have heard of it. Post a link on the Twitts or the Facebooks or even, meh, GoogPlus.

Do it for the children.

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Finishing up the 2010 Donors Choose Sciencebloggers for Students Drive

Nov 10 2010 Published by under DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge

This year's edition of the science blogosphere's drive to raise money to support classroom projects with Donors Choose has ended. However, if you were a donor this year, we need you to do one more thing. HP has donated matching funds which will be translated into a gift-code sent to the email address you used to originally register.

To expend these funds, you need to check the value on the gift-code and then go to Donors Choose and donate this value to one or more remaining projects.

Please consider these fine remaining challenges from the DrugMonkey blog giving page.

A project for High School frog dissection requires only $278, we could reach the finish line on this one easily with the matching funds from those of you that already gave to the DM challenge.

A middle school pig dissection project is also probably within reach at $478 remaining.

Thanks for participating this year, donors!

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C'mon Scientopia Readers, are you going to let those Disco Mag readers beat us?

Oct 20 2010 Published by under DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge

...but have you donated? All it takes to feel all warm and fuzzy inside is to throw down $5 or $10, maybe $25, in support of a classroom that needs support for science-related activities.

It's a battle of the Biologists, a clash of the Chemists, a grapple of the Geologists, an opposition of the Oceanographers, a face-off of the Physicists!

October 10th through November 9th, science bloggers from far and wide will compete to see who can deliver the most supplies to students across the country.

Want to throw your hat in the ring? Create a Giving Page!

The Leaderboard has at the top with $5,259 raised from 78 donors. The readers of Discover Magazine Blogs clock in second with $4,203 from 46 donors. Scientopia is breathing down Disco's neck at $4,172 from 60 donors. Ocean and Geo Bloggers ($2,199; 47 donors) are outpointing Lab Spaces ($1,884; 38 donors ), but I look for LS to make a strong run- the bloggers have been getting after it for this year's drive. WIRED science blogs ($262; 3 donors) and a collection of independent bloggers ($221; 8 donors) are contributing as well.

I encourage you to click over to the DrugMonkey Blog Challenge and donate. Seriously. Every $5 makes a difference. Every donor counts. Even if you don't like the ones I've selected, browse the other challenges or just browse the whole Donor's Choose project list. Kids need to be excited about science, learning and education. This is one small way we can make a difference folks.

crossposted at DM on Sb

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For half the price of a Brooklyn hipster's Fixie ride.

Oct 10 2010 Published by under DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge

"Are we going to dissect anything?"

Thus query the 9th grade students in Mr. S.'s class at Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn.

My students are ninth graders from a high school in New York City. We are one of the few larger public high schools still functioning. Most of our students are coming from poorer school districts here. I try to give them memorable learning experiences in the science classroom and lab in order to keep their attendance up as well as turning them away from the idea that science is boring and impossible for them to master and enjoy.

A goal we share here in the science-related blogosphere, do we not Dear Reader? What would Mr. S. like to do?

I would like to provide my students with an opportunity to dissect frogs. Last year, the dissection lab was cut due to budget constraints. The most common question asked by students during our lab meetings is, "When are we going to dissect something?"


This is the amount needed to complete the funding of this project.

In Brooklyn. Where the hipsters throw down this kinda cash for a bit of cycling bling. Probably twice this amount.

Can you spare $5 or $10 to help out? $25? Every little bit counts. Take the chance to recruit a scientist...or just to help another kid realize that learning can be fun.

For this year's DonorsChoose science blogging challenge Hewlett-Packard has committed matching funds up to $50,000. So every dollar you donate will be doubled.

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Donor's Choose 2010!

Oct 04 2010 Published by under Donors Choose, DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge

cross posting from DM on Sb:

It is my favorite time of year for blog-related group action activities.

Welcome back to the science blogosphere's efforts to raise money to support classroom projects with Donor's Choose.

As always, the key consideration is that every little bit counts. If prior years are any judge, the grad students in my readership are unbelievably generous, given their limited incomes. Just sayin, PIs, just sayin.

Also, I've selected a bunch of projects for your consideration that caught my eye for undoubtedly random and personal reasons. If you don't see anything that catches your fancy, take a look through other bloggers' lists or search for yourself at the Donor's Choose site. No matter what you choose to support, kids win. And that means we all win.


Now, I must confess that I blew it this year. I was distracted working on some grant or other and blasted up my Donor's Choose challenge page (Science up the Schools 2010!) ahead of the official launch date for the competition between blog collectives/interests. My total bad. but then The Gam launched....and our new MortalBlogEnemies launched...and what was I gonna do? Now PZ has thrown down with his 8 billion pound commentariat.

Sorry Janet. I'm not having a good few weeks here....

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Last Chance to Science-Up Some Schools

Oct 29 2009 Published by under DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge

I have been a bit distracted and keep forgetting to remind you that the DonorsChoose Social Media Challenge is coming to a close. If you keep meaning to donate to one of our selected projects or those of another ScienceBlogger (or heck, any project at all), now's the time. The challenge ends at the end of the month. As always, don't be too shy to donate even a little bit. Every $5 or even $1 inches those projects that much closer to funding. And I won't lie, I love the idea of lots of people getting involved, even if they don't have a huge amount to give.
I'm looking forward to the end of the fundraising drive because I get to distribute some Reader Appreciation Prizes to some of our reader/contributors.
CapTshirt1.jpgTshirtBack1.jpg Don't forget to forward me your confirmation if you want to enter the drawing. Even if you don't fancy wearing our nameplate, you'll be able to shop at a selected number of other Sb'er schwagshops as well. So go donate, help some kids learn a little more science and throw your hat in the ring for a thank you from Your Humble Narrator.

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HP Challenges the DM readers to throw down for DonorsChoose!

Oct 20 2009 Published by under DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge

Breaking news from the DonorsChoose Social Media Challenge for 2009! HP already contributed $50 to every challenge on the board. Now they are offering a matching deal to spur competition. PalMD's and Isis' readers may have exhausted their wallets and now it is time to catch up by scoring matching funds from HP. From the DonorsChoose email:

HP has been tracking the competition closely and has already made a $50 contribution to your page, as a result of all of your hard work. The good news? HP wants to make yet another contribution to your Giving Page. The more you raise by this Sunday, October 25, the more HP will contribute!
Next week, we will distribute $200,000, the rest of HP's contribution, to all Social Media Challenge Giving Pages. But this time, your share will be calculated on a pro-rata basis based on the amount you've raised by Sunday. What does that mean? Now is the time to motivate your readers, followers, friends, fam and fans to donate to your page, so you can claim a larger share of the funds!
And there's yet another bonus: after the Challenge is over, everyone who donated to your Giving Page will get a Giving Card, courtesy of HP. Those donors will get to decide which projects are supported with HP's $200,000 in funds

So if you've been holding back or meaning to get to it, now's the time to stroll on over to the DM Challenge page and give a few bucks to the kids.

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