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When do I get to that stage where my lab is operated entirely by oppressed trainees who are totally doing the PI job in all ways but name and I get to sit back, eat bonbons and watch my h-index rise? 

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Thought of the Day

Feb 10 2015 Published by under Day in the life of DrugMonkey

Those of you who know me personally know that I am totally forthcoming about all the lucky duck stuff* that has happened to me when it comes to the arc of my career. I do this in part so that I remind myself not to be one of these old farts who thinks he deserves every last bit of funding he ever acquired and it is an outrage when the gravy train goes elsewhere.

I mean, as PP was saying it is probably inevitable that we'll eventually become that dude. But let's try to hold it off as long as possible, eh?

Try to be clear at least inside your own head that you've *also* had some breaks go your way.
*and pretty much everything else too. I complain a lot.

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Feb 03 2015 Published by under Ask DrugMonkey, Day in the life of DrugMonkey

Some people try to get into a mental frame for grant writing with disruptions of their normal workaday routine.

I tend to fit grant writing into a normal, regular old working style.

This all started because someone wanted to know what special snacks or food I use for "grant mode".

I don't.
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Percent Effort

Jan 30 2015 Published by under Day in the life of DrugMonkey

Times I have made critical progress in conceptualizing experiments, grant proposals and manuscript language this past month or so.

-exiting lab on way to get in my car
-riding a chairlift
-sitting at my desk putzing on Twitter
-the shower
-lingering at coffee shop
-during random PI blathering to technician

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Things I should not have to point out to people and yet, here we are.

Things that I actually have to say to some people.

yes. it is bad news that there is yet another way for people to fuck themselves the hell up on stimulant drugs. yes.

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Thought of the Day

On the resetting of the date of original submission:

One thing it does is keep a lid on people submitting a priority place holder before the study is even half done. I could see this as a positive step. Anything to undermine scooping culture in science is good by me.

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Day in the life

Jan 09 2015 Published by under Day in the life of DrugMonkey

soooooo much analysis of data points today. got kind of fired up by something that occurred on the way in so I ended up pulling data threads. and another. and another.

By the time I looked up it was time to go get the kids.

FTW but man are my eyes tired.

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Happy New Year

Jan 01 2015 Published by under Careerism, Day in the life of DrugMonkey

Here's to wishing all of my Readers a fantastic 2015.

May your grants be funded, your papers accepted and your promotions obtained.

I am looking forward to a year in which my work needle is shifted from the grant writing side to the paper publishing side...I do appreciate those moments.

We had a bit of new assay development last year that should, in theory, move into the productivity stage. I don't know what all we will get done but it will be interesting. To me, if nobody else (and that's what matters, right?).

There are two non-data things I need to finally write this year. One is a review, the other is a something-else I've been trying to write for several years now.

I need to recruit at least one postdoc....

It is NOT, despite temptation, a year to get involved in University political machinations. I know better and must resist.

I contemplate, as always, the deficiencies of the NIH grant scheme and think about the places I need to poke. If Sally Rockey is really leaving then this is a place to turn up the blog noise when her successor arrives. My IRL moves are, naturally, directed much closer to the ground game.

Exercise more, drink less (coffee and alcohol). I am in generous company there, I suspect.

Plot the next assault on a Big Mech. I am of mixed opinion as you know, Dear Reader. Naturally I am wary of boondoggles. They can be highly inefficient and are a huge pain in the butt for the main people driving the program. However, this is one area that arises from a crystal clear strategic need and a misfit with traditional R01s.

Actually there are two of them I need to pursue. One really needs to be done so that the little subfield stops screwing around continuing to fail upwards in tiny increments. The biggest hurdle here is actually of the personnel / political variety...and I suck at navigating those. I am not sympathetic to egos when NIH grants are on the line and I have no idea how to communicate with the egotistical type. The second project is much easier from the personnel standpoint because it can move forward with the good-personality people as the major players and YHN as the major figure. For this one the hurdle is clearly the science, meaning Program and peer-review enthusiasm.

I take two really vacationy vacations each year. The kind where I don't even try to work and where we have a ton of help wrangling the offspring. You know the type. I have to figure out how to expand those by about 50%.

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Dec 19 2014 Published by under Day in the life of DrugMonkey

My plan is to stir up some trouble.

What do you have on tap for 2015?

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Thought of the Day

Dec 09 2014 Published by under BlogBlather, Day in the life of DrugMonkey

People selected to pontificate at an audience on the basis of prior accomplishments in a related context are invariably less interesting than people selected because they have interesting things to say.

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