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Happy New Year

To all of my readers, the bloggers the I read and the Twitts with whom I chat.... Here's wishing a very happy and productive 2013 to you and yours.

Best of luck to the job seekers and the grant supplicants, in particular. Fair winds to all the parents out there...may those of you with really young ones find some sleep. Happy dissertating to the late stage graduate students in the crowd and may all trainees publish a paper or three this year.

I'm not much for resolutions so I'm not prepared to offer any up...but I do have an interest is sustained behavioral change. I was able to improve in two target areas last year, one personal and one professional. The former is exercise related and was assisted by the Tweeperati- I may continue to rely upon you this year. The second target isn't really blogable for obvious reasons but I hope to continue a slightly new approach to my work for the coming year.

I wish you all luck with your goals and resolutions and suggest that you seek online social support for any of them that require sustained behavioral change on your part.

Reinforcement works.

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Twelve Months of Drug Monkey (2012)

Dec 19 2012 Published by under Blogging

As I've noted in past editions...

The rules for this blog meme are quite simple.
-Post the link and first sentence from the first blog entry for each month of the past year.
I originally did this meme, after seeing similar posted by Janet Stemwedel and John Lynch. Prior editions include 2011, 2010, 2009 and 2008.

If you blog, I encourage you to do your own year-end wrap up post.


Jan: ah, a tragic conundrum emerges from the thickets.

Feb: It's been awhile since I last talked about MDMA, aka 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, the canonical ingredient in Ecstasy.

Mar: Perusing the 'pedia on the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution I found what I was looking for.

Apr: This is my understanding, anyway.

May: This is huge. Previously the only IC that, to my knowledge, made their funding data available was the NIGMS.

Jun: Dude. I realize you are white and male and think you are quite a smart scientist.

Jul: I received a kind email from Elsevier this morning, updating me on the amazing improvement in 2011 Impact Factor (versus 2010) for several journals in their stable of "Behavioral & Cognitive Neuroscience Journals".

Aug: What a fucking summer.

Sept: Phew. We're okay. For now.

Oct: Obviously it is an academic career credit to be selected as the Editor in Chief of a journal, no matter how humble that journal may be.

Nov: We have touched on the Investigator criterion of NIH grant review in the past.

Dec: I'm attending a meeting that is enriched in the older and established luminary type of scientist.

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You know what starts academics a-blogging?

Dec 14 2012 Published by under #FWDAOTI, BlogBlather, Blogging, NIH, NIH Careerism

Mind bogglingly out of touch statements from people at the higher echelons of the NIH, that's what.

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Open Thread: PIs v Postdocs and other assorted yelling at each other

In case you absolutely must continue the 300 comment thread which developed under

Alternate careers" is just the next exploitation strategy?

you can have at it here.

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Who are you, what are you doing here and why do you keep looking at me? V: The Quickening

Jun 20 2012 Published by under BlogBlather, Blogging

In the antiquity of the ScienceBloggingWeb Ed Yong of Not Exactly Rocket Science asked his readers a simple question:

1) Tell me about you. Who are you? Do you have a background in science? If so, what draws you here as opposed to meatier, more academic fare? And if not, what brought you here and why have you stayed? Let loose with those comments.

2) Tell someone else about this blog and in particular, try and choose someone who's not a scientist but who you think might be interested in the type of stuff found in this blog. Ever had family members or groups of friends who've been giving you strange, pitying looks when you try to wax scientific on them? Send 'em here and let's see what they say.

He's back at it this year, btw.

Last year I added:

I'm interested in whether you found us, or regularly follow us, through Twitter, Facebook and/or other beyond-RSS mechanisms that you may use to corral your information stream.

So for those newcomers to the blog, have at it, will you? Especially you lurkers (in case you didn't notice, the email field can be filled with nonsense like

Then head over to the previous editions (here, here, here and here) and get a feel for the community.

The veterans....I know who you are :-). But feel free to update us on any changes in the way you interact with the blog...especially if you've lost touch with the content, been dismayed or just decided that I'm not who you thought at first, ideas-wise.

have at it......

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Scientopia transitions

Apr 18 2012 Published by under BlogBlather, Blogging

You will notice a new PayPal button on the sidebar of this blog and possibly other blogs around the Scientopia collective. Very likely you did not notice new amendments to our Code. The short version is, we finally have a way to handle money. This is good because it allows us to try to cover the operational costs of this blog collective which had heretofore been borne by a single member. It was thought that we should get our financial/tax/LLC/blahdeblah in order first and this apparently prevented even donations from ourselves to the cause.

We have apparently negotiated those rough waters. There are three issues on the table at the moment for your understanding and consideration.

First the button and my sidebar text: Your donation helps to support the operation of Scientopia - thanks for your consideration.

This is provided for anyone who would care to support Scientopia. Our expenses are the hosting and bandwidth charges, at the moment there is nobody getting paid to do anything service-related for the upkeep.

Second, the Scientopia schwag shop items now have a modest markup. Said markup will be routed into the Scientopia coffers.

Third, at some point in the future there will be ads on the blogs. Not sure who/what/how just yet, but it is in the works.

I won't make the NPR style plea, you folks can do the maths for yourselves.

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Pseudonymous commentary online is the best! (with data)

Jan 09 2012 Published by under BlogBlather, Blogging, Social Media

A new post by Erick Schonfeld up at techcrunch points to some data from online comment management system DISQUS.

The take home as interpreted by Schonfeld:

According to the data, 61 percent of all Disqus comments are made via pseudonyms, versus 35 percent anonymous and 4 percent using real names (i.e. Facebook). People with pseudonyms also comment 6.5 times more than those who comment anonymously and 4.7 times more than commenters who use real names.

Okay, but what about the trolls? Disqus maintains that only does allowing pseudonyms produce more comments, but the quality of the comments is also better, as measured by likes and replies. Disqus maintains that 61 percent of pseudonymous comments on its system are positive in that regard, versus only 34 percent positive for anonymous comments (I knew it!) and 51 percent positive for comments made using real names. People who use pseudonyms post better comments on Disqus. Their comments are liked more and generate more discussion.

There you have it folks. Data to prove what I've maintained nearly constantly since starting a pseudonymous blog that allows anonymous commentary. And, more specifically, since I've started pointing out that online venues that 1) overtly desire vigorous commentary and 2) require real name registration are shooting themselves in the foot....after tying one hand behind their back.

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Twelve Months of DrugMonkey (2011)

Dec 20 2011 Published by under BlogBlather, Blogging, Meme

The rules for this blog meme are quite simple.
-Post the link and first sentence from the first blog entry for each month of the past year.
I originally did this meme, after seeing similar posted by Janet Stemwedel and John Lynch. Prior editions include 2010, 2009 and 2008. Continue Reading »

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I can't believe she's gonna live Tweet this...

Oct 10 2011 Published by under Blogging

You may want to follow our good blog friend @drisis today....

Best of luck to her, Mr. I, Little I and the new I...

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No more pseudonymous bloggers at National Geographic's

Aug 18 2011 Published by under Blogging

cross-posting from my Scienceblogs site:

I have just been informed that ScienceBlogs will no longer be hosting anonymous or pseudonymous bloggers. In case you are interested, despite extensive communication from many of us as to why we blog under pseudonyms, I have not been given any rationale or reason for this move. Particularly no rationale or reason that responds to the many valid points raised by the pseudonymous folks.

This is, as they say, not unexpected. It is pretty clear that when corporate flacks ask you for your opinion in response to their reflexive stance they are not in fact going to be influenced. So I do hope none of my colleagues are surprised by this. Disappointed, as am I, but not surprised.

I am not certain when the drop-dead date will occur but you will no doubt be able to find me blogging elsewhere.

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