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This post is to ask you to consider donating to a fundraiser to launch MeTooSTEM as a charitable organization.

I know I do not have to belabor the obvious for my audience but we have a problem with sexual harassment, sexual assault, sex based-discrimination, and occupational retaliation against people attempting to ameliorate the effects of these events.

The National Academies of Science convened some investigations and issued a report, if you need a starter source.

The #MeToo hashtag was joined by a related tag specific to the issues of harassment and assault in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, #MeTooSTEM.

As this has unfolded, Professor Beth Ann McLaughlin has been doing heroic work to foreground victims, bring their stories to light for those who are unaware and to hold institutional feet to the fire to do better. This has resulted in gains that range from the basic decency for victims who finally have been heard, to clueless people in academia finally seeking the problem, to major policy changes of institutions. Famously, the RateMyProfessor organization was called to task and decided to discontinue its rating for "hot" professors.

We still have much work to do.

Academic societies are only haltingly developing new policies that permit them to remove members who have been determined by their own institutions to have engaged in sexual harassment, assault, discrimination or retaliation. You would think this would be a no brainer but thanks to the efforts of Dr. McLaughlin we are painfully aware of how many societies claim to have no mechanism for removal of their members, elected fellows and other hoi polloi.

We still have famous journals of science that will publish Letter to the Editor type defenses of a colleague proven to have engaged in sustained misconduct. We have editors of famous journals of science that I respect tremendously that still cannot see how damaging it is to let those sorts of letters persist on the internet.

This is why I am asking you to consider a donation to the fledgling MeTooSTEM organization. No donation is too small, if you can manage $5 or $10 it is welcome. If you can only manage communicating this fundraiser to your friends, family, or social media followers, it is welcome.

From the fundraiser text:

MeTooSTEM Needs Your Help To Take Our Organization NonProfit and Provide Resources to Graduate Students, Post Docs and Women Who Have Been Hurt by Sexual Harassment.

MeTooSTEM Started as a grassroots movement by students and professors frustrated by the inaction of national organizations and government funding agencies to protect women. Men guilty of sexually assaulting trainees, ending women's careers and retaliating viciously were still on campus, getting national awards, serving on study sections and going to conferences where they intimidate and retaliate against survivors.

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  • AnoniMouse says:

    Hard pass on this. McLaughlin and her rabid band of #MeTooSTEM Twitterati show a total unwillingness to engage in civil discourse with anyone expressing a contrary viewpoint. Suggesting people read the facts about a given case with links to relevant sources is met with ridicule. Suggesting that the confusion of accusations with guilt is careless or even defamatory invokes the #StemTrollAlert hashtag, accompanied by a backlash of insults and getting blocked.

  • Mclneuro says:

    Sounds like a fan! Dear AnoniMouse, I'm tired of doing the heavy lifting of explaining why women need to get to be safe. White men are so use to being in control and safe that when they are challenged, they are shocked and uncomfortable. Men have been comfortable in science for far too long. I embrace those who are willing to have uncomfortable dialogues. The STEMTrollAlert is willing to do this. I have asked them not to swear but their gif game is on point.

  • PTT says:

    The Zuleikha project is soliciting accounts, from the academia, of men being falsely accused of sexual misconduct

  • GM says:

    I am sure they will have a lot of material.

    And unlike the MeToo crowd, it will involve actually serious situations.

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