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I cracked wise

and then Tweeps came out of the woodwork to say they had night AND day guards.

Is this normal life under Trump?

Is this a risk of academic science?

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  • Emaderton3 says:

    I've used something at night since I started as a faculty member (although I did grind away one of my molars as a post-doc). So it was pre-Trump, but I definitely blame academic science!

    Don't bother with the fancy dentist one. It will cost a ton and not last very long. I highly recommend the comfort fit Dentek one or similar because they are not bulky.

  • SidVic says:

    I went to dentist in SCarolina. Black guy, ex-marine, ran a tight ship. Stern, in a way that only a black ex-marine can be. He gave me a prescription for one benzodiazapine (i think) and told me to take 1hr prior to the scheduled procedure.

    When i came in he looked me, a middle-aged guy, up and down and asked if i'd taken the pill. Me-" let me put this way, has anyone ever told you what an attractive man you are Doc?" as i pretended to brush some lint off his lapel. Wish i'd filmed his expression, he eventually cracked up. My point... Oh yeah my point.. Denteks are for sissies. Get some benzos they reaallly loosen you up.

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