Twelve Months of Drugmonkey (2016)

Dec 22 2016 Published by under BlogBlather

I've been doing these year-end summaries for quite some time now. Previously I've posted a link to the first post of every month. For this year I'm going to shake it up and post the last entry of the month.

Jan: In the NIH extramural grant funding world the maximum duration for a project is 5 years.

Feb: There are these moments in science where you face a decision...Am I going to be the selfish asshole here?

Mar: Jocelyn Kaiser reports that some people who applied for MIRA person-not-project support from NIGMS are now complaining.

Apr: The Ramirez Group is practicing open grantsmanship by posting "R01 Style" documents on a website.

May: By now most of you are familiar with the huge plume of vapor emitted by a user of an e-cigarette device on the streets.

Jun: A Daniel Sarewitz wrote an opinion piece in Nature awhile back to argue that the pressure to publish regularly has driven down the quality of science.

Jul: The other lesson to be drawn from recent political events and applied to science careers is not to let toxic personalities drive the ship.

Aug: From the NYT account of the shooting of Dennis Charney:

Sep: The NIH FOAs come in many flavors of specificity.

Oct: Imagine that the New Investigator status (no prior service as PI of major NIH grant) required an extra timeline document?

Nov: So. A federal judge* managed to put a hold on Obama's move to increase the threshold for overtime exemption.

Dec: If you love the NIH and its mission, your mantra for the next four years is a simple one.


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  • Yizmo Gizmo says:

    Thank God the Federal Judge* came to the rescue.
    You can't have postdocs making overtime on the weekends. That would allow
    them to be a dynamic part of the salary process rather than fulfill their well-established roles as passive data-obsessed outsiders who only take orders and toe the line. Pandemonium would ensue and the Stock Market would tumble. World War 3 would ensue.

  • dnadrinker says:

    DM, what did you do with all your time pre-2008?

  • genomicrepairman says:

    @DNADrinker He ran a pitbull rescue organization.

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