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Is the RealSolution to the stresses of the NIH grant system best described by the tone of the RNC or the DNC convention?

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  • mH says:


    Fundamentals are good, need better regulation.

  • drugmonkey says:

    And share the wealth?

  • jmz4 says:

    There is certainly a xenophobic, protectionist rhetorical line that occasionally rears its head during the ReelTawk solutions to the NIH funding problems, which is reminiscent of the RNC.

    Nothing ever gets accomplished by hyperbolic shouting (other than maybe, a bowel movement), so I'd have to say the DNC is closer to the answer.

    But then, the DNC's complete fairy tale re-telling of things puts me in mind of people that think they have the one true answer for fixing everything. All we have to do is _______*

    *Pay postdocs more/tax the rich
    *Limit R01s per lab/break up the banks
    *Slash indirects/Medicare for All
    *But above all, do it to Julia
    etc, etc ad nauseum

  • becca says:

    Build a wall to keep cancer out?

  • drugmonkey says:


  • Selerax says:

    RNC was basically "do it to Julia" on loop, right?

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