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Jul 15 2016 Published by under Day in the life of DrugMonkey

I was joshing with the spouse about coups, Trump and the ready availability of pseudo-combat firearms today and a thought later occurred to me.

I'm actually pretty confident in the trigger pullers in my household.

Don't get me wrong, we're not a gun nut family- very likely I'm the only one who has so much as touched a firearm. But if they had to..... 

I was thinking about their respective ages and peers and what not and I'd pick them every time. 

I didn't know I had that particular confidence in my spouse and kids. 

Funny thought to occur. 

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  • jandrews says:

    LOL. Academics.

  • SidVic says:

    You and your kids gonna try a coup d'état?

  • patrick says:

    as somebody who was an infantry officer prior to the scientist gig (and still fills that role on a monthly basis), good luck with that.

  • Jerry Siegel says:

    Unarmed resistance is statistically far more survivable. If your family engage in armed combat you're gonna lose one or two. So have you chosen which kid will get it?

  • k elliott says:

    This is no time for such jokes. Shootings keep happening. As of now, another one in Baton Rouge, LA!

  • EPJ says:

    Peaceful thoughts around and in between everyone should become a habit, in spite of any preparation or readiness for hardships. Why? because it is the highest value needed for any other human activity at longer than sort term, the one aspect of living that adds value to the past events without distortions --> a better world for everyone

    and it should be granted by most people free will, no need for lengthy or contorted proposals, the only requirement is mental effort to keep up with that idea.

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