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South Carolinans are suffering from torrential rains.

I feel sorry for them.

Well, some of them, anyway.

You see, it took no time at all to be reminded that most of the SC Congressional delegation voted against Federal relief aid during Hurricane Sandy.

Of course they are mostly Republicans.

Which means the majority of SC voters are voting Republican.

And the very essence of Republicanism is to greedily suck from the public for ones own benefit whilst denying any public benefit to anyone else.

This is not a decent way to behave.

So yeah. Let's check those voting records before sending in FEMA relief, eh? Let's hold Republicans true to their self-sufficient, non-taker, gub'mint hating beliefs.

The decent people could use a little extra. Let's focus on them.

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  • becca says:

    South Carolina has the second lowest GDP per capita (after Mississippi), it's comparatively highly subsidized already. The obvious outcome of giving them FEMA funds will be for them to vote even more conservatively in the future.

  • Jonathan Badger says:

    So yeah. Let's check those voting records before sending in FEMA relief, eh? Let's hold Republicans true to their self-sufficient, non-taker, gub'mint hating beliefs.

    In their conspiracy theory world, isn't FEMA supposed to be a shadow government that will impose socialism and/or Islam while taking away everyone's guns anyway?

  • Philapodia says:

    The problem is that decent people don't like to see ANYONE suffering from this type of catastrophic event, even if they are conservatives. That's what conservatives rely on, for decent people to save their butts but not have to do the same because theys earned what's theirs and they'll be damned if anyone gunna take it away from them. That there Golden Rule is a commie plot, y'hear!

  • drugmonkey says:

    Lindsay Graham "forgot" he voted against Sandy relief. You can't make this stuff up.

    These are not decent people.

  • They are definitely not decent people. Republicans are filth, and they are getting exactly what they want.

  • bagger vance says:

    Pretty broad brush you're painting with there, drugmonkey.

  • qaz says:

    We need to remember that in many of those states the vast majority of citizens are "discouraged" (sometimes prevented) from voting. In practice, the elected representatives often do not reflect the actual voting populace.

    By your logic, we should not have freed the slaves in the civil war because the voters in those states would have given a big FU to the rest of America. In the 1950s, fewer voters voted in all of Mississipi's elections (most of which were effectively uncontested) then voted in a single contested congressional district in California. The actual voters certainly didn't want the national guard to come in and desegregate the university in the 1960s, but the feds came in anyway and forced it. Even today, gerrymandering means that the Republican's own the house of representatives, even though Democrats get more votes. I don't think we should be punishing those people for the evil that others do.

    What we need to do is to stop hiding the federal government from the effects. If someone wants help, we need to have them acknowledge that the help comes from the federal government. If the government shuts down, everything has to shut down. With a big sign saying "this service had been brought to you by the federal government and paid for by your federal tax dollars".

    It all comes back to that great quote from that actor on Fox one day who argued against government help by saying "I've been on foodstamps and welfare. Did anyone help me out? No."

  • jmz4 says:

    Not really. He's not talking about all South Carolinans, he's just saying they should have to suffer the consequences of their elected representives' actions, just ad we've been doing every time they vote.

    Of course, since the relief for Sandy passed, Carolina is entitled to the same aid, since that's how democracy works.

  • drugmonkey says:

    Why is it a "broad brush" to point out the demonstrable reality that Republicans are indecent? There is not one good thing in any of their (i.e. Not shared) substantive, core policy positions.

  • Joe says:

    So this is an opportunity for FEMA and the federal government to demonstrate to the people of SC the good that they can do.
    Will Nikki Haley hug Obama if he comes to visit?

  • zb says:

    I think 1) the Democrats should abstain until *every single* Republican votes for the SC relief plan and 2) they should abstain until the Republicans pass some other budgets.

  • drugmonkey says:

    1) yes. 2) reluctantly, but no.

  • zb says:

    Yeah, 2 is a tough one, what my kiddo would say was escalation, and thus not at all productive. But, I think the Republicans in the government are relying too much on the other person being the grown up in the room.

  • drugmonkey says:

    It isn't Republicans "in the governement". It is Republicans. Period.

    Fantasies of getting the things they want from government, without paying for it, and without any other needs of other people being met.

  • namaste_ish says:

    I heard that the Republicans also were people, but I'm not sure about that. I'll get back to you.
    Most South Carolina residents live in 1000 year flood zone. Which means they likely have zero flood insurance. FEMA will give them a one-time check of $31,400 no matter how great their financial losses. It will be enough to wrap their homes for the one month needed to dehumidify it after they rip out their floors and walls.
    Don't be ugly to people, Teddy. It will give you wrinkles.

  • drugmonkey says:

    I am ugly to people who are ugly to me.

  • Namesaste_Ish says:

    Jesus thinks you should be a better person than that.

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