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Jul 15 2015 Published by under AntiFeminist Asshole

After discussing this post at shakesville:

It's difficult to describe what I mean when I say my husband likes women, because it's so rare that we don't even have words for it. And because any words I might use are corrupted by the urgent defense of patriarchal standards, which reject any dynamic that isn't framed to center women as the objects of men.

with certain parties, I conclude that it is worth discussing on the blog.

My thought is this: Isn't this familiar to everyone? I mean when you go to social events there are some men that gravitate towards talking with men and other men that gravitate towards talking with women. There are totally woman-guy and guy-guy phenotypes and they have been obvious since like middle school (and as this post mentions, not just because they are trying to hook up).


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  • physioprof says:

    Dude, your blogge is swirling down the shitter. If this goes on much longer, "certain parties" are gonna have to stage an intervention.

  • Namaste_Ish says:

    Tomorrow Ted's going to be asking people to send him coupons from their Sunday paper and talking about hilarious Garfield is.
    Get yourself checked for TBI Ted and tox screened. Addiction is real. There's no shame in coming clean. I mean, other than what I'll do to you. And CPP. And the other 2 blog readers you get when I'm not posting.

  • I hear that certain parties are planning an early retirement and will have all the time in the world to stage such interventions. I would also suggest motivational speaking as a good use of ones time.

  • genrepair says:

    Didde you fall off the bike and hit your heade man?

  • Laffer says:

    Don't know why the kiddies are hating on your post, although I guess I shouldn't be surprised with this company.

  • Busy says:

    I agree with Laffer. What's the problem with this topic? Is there some subtle misogynism in the poo-pooing of this post?

  • geranium says:

    More explanation please.

    At shakesville, she's describing men who intuitively recognize and relate to women as individuals no different from themselves. But your comment maybe suggests that there are some guys that always gravitate to other guys, some guys that always gravitate to women. This seems different.

  • Namesaste_Ish says:

    Busy, If was going to be anything, it would not be 'subtle'. Ted is just getting his 'blah blah' on this week. Who the fuckke cares what clause anyone uses to label themselves anywho?

  • drugmonkey says:

    geranium- I don't think it is different, I think it is just the readily observable extremes of the distribution. My point is mostly that this type of guy who "likes women" is not as rare as she seemingly thinks and by the time you are my age you have seen these phenotypes pretty commonly.

  • geranium says:

    I don't think it is rare either.

    In fact what stands out to me as a rare but striking occurrence is a special subtype of the guy-guy. This is the guy who has heard of this concept of sexism, but isn't quite sure he believes it, and wants a tutor. (Possibly to bestow his wisdom unto the feminists, it occurs to me now.) I am a total magnet for these dewds.

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