Good problems

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  • qaz says:

    That and the realization that the dozen ideas you had on your back burner that you were going to get to someday just got done by someone else. (notsogoodproblems)

  • drugmonkey says:

    Well, in my case, the competition is certainly heating up on several of our projects that we have simmering along. Not quite scooped yet. Very motivating!

  • Duke of Neural says:

    The problem is worse with those conferences scheduled conveniently to end about a week before you have to leave on winter holidays.

    "Got a bunch of neat ideas you'd like to read up on? LOL tough, you need to listen to Uncle Bob hopped up on eggnog talk about how Obama and the liberals are ruining America over fruitcake."

  • cranky says:

    I like that feeling also. Then I try to figure out how the fuck to fit all the people in my labspace when I get all these grants.

  • jmz4gtu says:

    It may be the best reason to make sure you and your worker bees attend conferences regularly. I'm always way more productive in the months following a good conference.

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