Dear Authors, Don't do this. Ever.

this has been bopping around on the Twitts lately..

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  • qaz says:

    OK, I know this isn't the point, but there's genius in this tweet. It's a way to always get two chances at every paper. Demand a female editor when a male one rejects you, and a male editor when a female one rejects you. Heck, I bet you could even go further. I demand an editor from this other ethnic group. Or I demand an editor with this other personal background. Or how about... I demand an editor with a name that starts with this other letter. (The first letter of one's name being as relevant as one's gender or ethnic background.) Or whatever. If you plan it right, you could work your way through the whole editorial staff. Eventually, someone has to take the paper. Right? Right?

  • DJMH says:


    Unless it's the (female) idiot who desk-rejected our masterpiece, in which case totally justified.

  • Pascale says:

    What a great way to volunteer to lose your gonads!

  • jmz4 says:

    This can't be real.

  • gingerest says:

    qaz, you're missing the possibility that the editor-in-chief finds their common sense and gumption, and permanently disqualifies the corresponding author from publication in the journal. (Color me deeply shocked if this happened at Nature.)

    (Those in doubt this is real: Dr Francesca Cesari, Chief Biological Sciences Editor at Nature, presented this slide during her talk “Science publishing – behind the scenes at Nature” March 10, 2015 at the Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences in Nijmegen, Netherlands. If you happen to be in the right neck of the woods, she will be presenting the talk at King's College London on March 24:

  • dsks says:

    I don't understand the coyness about this sort of thing. Name'em and shame'em, I say.

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