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The paper I am working on.

The paper I should be working on as my top priority.

The paper I can't wait to work on once the last bit of data we are waiting for arrive.

The paper I shouldn't bother working on until one of the manuscripts under review comes back with comments.

Only two of these refer to the same manuscript.

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  • odyssey says:

    1 and D?

  • The Other Dave says:

    Ha! I know how you feel. Why do you think I sometimes show up here?

    Except in my case you can substitute 'grant proposal' for 'paper' in most cases. In my head, this site is connected to grant proposal procrastination.

  • qaz says:

    In my experience, these four almost never refer to the same manuscript. And I would add a fifth, which rarely corresponds to one of the previous four:

    The paper I want to be working on.

    And where do you put the half-dozen papers that your graduate students are making too slow progress on.... ?

  • Dave says:

    In my head, this site is connected to grant proposal procrastination.

    I prefer to call it 'grant writing research'.

  • DJMH says:

    I call it "professional development," same as when my kid's teachers don't work for a day, every single month (???)

  • drugmonkey says:

    Cripes. How did some other manuscript not mentioned above take over my workday??!!!!??? Focus, man, focus!

  • The Other Dave says:

    Hey, DM, better to have some other manuscript than nothing at all. Many irons in the fire and all that. Right?

  • drugmonkey says:

    Well yeah, but at my advanced age one has a tendency to accumulate more potential manuscripts that one had lying about earlier in the career.

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