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One of the more awesome and fun parts of running this blog for so long is watching you all progress in your lives and careers.

Many of you started commenting in stages far removed from your current places.

I've seen struggling grad students achieve the PhD, (dis)gruntled postdocs win a tenure track job...or go do something else that makes them very happy. I've seen some panicky junior faculty transition to tenure with major grant funding.

I also see you progressing in life, finding new relationships, spawning miniwaccaloons and involving yourselves in your communities for the betterment of all.

Really- you go on with your bad selves. You amaze me.

Thanks for continuing to play.

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  • Jeezus motherfucke, holmes. What's with the mawkish blubbering?

  • drugmonkey says:

    Ok, ok, and one of the other more awesome parts was getting to know you, brother. Happy now?

  • Jim Woodgett says:

    That's what comes of a big, challenging, semi-articulating tent of a blog 🙂

    Also, life.

  • pinus says:

    how long has you been doing this thing? 6 years?

  • AcademicLurker says:

    This post inspired a short trip down memory lane. I discovered this blog when Young Female Scientist linked to you in this post. So I decided to check when that was to see where I was career-wise.

    Not too bad as it turns out. The post was in August 2007 and I had received the official notice of my first funded RO1 in June.

  • Dave says:

    Sometimes I think this blog might actually help change some of the things that we all agree need changing in academia. There's always hope I suppose.

  • anonymous postdoc says:

    Thanks for all that you do, monkey. I don't know if I'll make it in the big leagues, but if I do, it will be thanks to all these grumps (including you) typing their comments here for me to learn from them.

    And if I do, I will do my part to push for considered, honest, changes in academia that benefit science and the diversity of people that do science, also because of this mentoring.

  • mytchondria says:

    You forgot to mention me by name, but I'll just assume this is pretty much all about me. Per usual.

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