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I want you Readers to succeed in your careers and your grant seeking.

You are not bothering me* in the least when you email with questions.


*I may ignore you but mostly I respond.

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  • dr24hours says:

    Oh YEAH? Then why did you suggest I apply exclusively to the Foundation for Lunar Biological Research, when you KNOW for a FACT that I couldn't accept foundation funding at my last position?? #saboteur

    Also, I'm not a biologist of any kind. Or a astronaut.

  • drugmonkey says:

    FLBR paylines are at 67%

  • neuropolarbear says:

    Neuropolarwife says that DM's advice is so good that he should create an advice column.

    And that's high praise because she reads like 10 different advice columns and is very judgmental on advice quality.

  • Dude, this is a fucken advice column.

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