SFN2013: Are you attending?

Nov 05 2013 Published by under Society for Neuroscience

This is my annual no-promises request for you, my Readers, to turn the tables.

I am interested in what you all have to say, scientifically.

So, if inclined drop your presentation details here in the comments* or send me an email. Drugmnky at the google mail.

I might stop by.

Also, there will be BANTER.

*your fellow readers may likewise be interested in your work

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  • So enjoy this blog and am looking forward to SfN!

    I'm presenting on miRNA-132 and its role in learning and memory using transgenic, knockout, and RNA-seq approaches. I'm at JJJ28 on Sunday morning:

    I'd love to meet folks there, as well as at Banter!

    -Katelin (@Neuroinfo132)

  • Dr Becca says:

    All the good posters are in the triple letters this year.

  • DrugMonkey says:

    Triple letters? That's it, I'm renting a Segway and a security guard uniform when I get there.

  • DJMH says:

    High time for SfN to develop pneumatic tubes to shoot us from A to MM to QQQ and back again. The lines for those could be directly after the starbucks lines, for maximum latte-on-the-face effect.

  • Grad Student says:

    Pneumatic tubes would be pretty great. After all, if it worked for cats (http://goo.gl/tnqCCe), there's no reason it couldn't work for neuroscientists.

    I'll be presenting on applying optogenetics to stimulate and inhibit pain through non-invasive transdermal illumination of virally injected non-transgenic mice. (Tuesday morning - YY2)


  • dr24hours says:

    Don't believe it. I know of a fact that drugmonkey sends his postdocs to SFN and spends the week chilling on a private island in the South Pacific. How do I know? IT'S MY ISLAND.

  • Laura says:

    I'm at A25 on Sunday morning, talkin' 'bout cerebellar development and non-canonical Sonic hedgehog signaling! http://sfn13.hubbian.com/?i=3969 (Note: poster contains very little data... but so many dreams!)

  • @Grad Student-- You're oh-so-very-close to triple-letter coolness. Better luck next year ;-P

    @Laura -- We can wave to each other for total opposite ends of the hall Sunday morning. AND THIS!: "poster contains very little data... but so many dreams!" haha! my whole life!

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