Note for PIs

If your lab requires a "weekly support group" meeting, there is no scenario wherein you are doing it right.

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  • Is there a discreet way to find out if one of these is going on behind my back?

  • dr24hours says:

    Neuro Polarbear:

    Yes! Start giving extra rewards to your favorite, take him/her out to dinner, ask for them to review your latest grant first, confide in them, etc., and then TURN THEM AGAINST THE OTHERS.

  • pyrope says:

    What about if I require a weekly support group meeting?

  • anon says:

    Ours is biweekly... phew!

  • becca says:

    If it's everyone in your lab, because they are in your lab? Yeah. Failzors. If it's a weekly support group meeting for the grad students to kevetch, for the women to find a feminist safe space, for not-just-your-lab to exchange writing motivations/read each other's stuff... those are all fine things that plenty of people in decent labs might have need for. "support group" covers lots of ground.

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