You know what starts academics a-blogging?

Dec 14 2012 Published by under #FWDAOTI, BlogBlather, Blogging, NIH, NIH Careerism

Mind bogglingly out of touch statements from people at the higher echelons of the NIH, that's what.

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  • A. Postdoc says:

    Maybe he meant "follow my bliss"

  • Hermitage says:

    Maybe NIH bigwigs need an equivalent to Cory Booker's "live on food stamps for a week" challenge. Spend five years in a soft money position with shit benefits trying to solve some obscure topic, in a field whose society journals have an IF no higher than 4.

  • Dr Becca says:

    Ha! I looked back at my #nihsekrits tweets from that same meeting. Sadly didn't record that gem, but the best was "there's something called the BRAINS award, but none of the panel members remember what the acronym stands for."

  • @A postdoc
    This is basically what every scientific memoir by a Great Scientist seems to say -- "The secret of my success was to be me and have my interests and approaches to problems; go forth and emulate me".

  • Juniper Shoemaker says:

    At least there's your blog.

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