The unholy triumvirate of US research

Jun 06 2012 Published by under NIH, NIH Budgets and Economics

once more, from a prestigious general science journal:

"...a national system of medical research, broadly based in the universities and scientific institutions, which exerts a pervasive influence on the whole scene of medical education and health services...The rapid expansion of federal support for research has created a mutual dependency among the federal government, the universities, and the scientists of this nation...through the federal government, the universities, and the scientists have all prospered...the problem is to fashion the terms of the relationship in a manner that acknowledges the mutual dependence among the three parties and, at the same time, respects the integrity of their respective responsibilities, without distortion...arbitrary subordination and without interference....In the past year or so, concern over the possibility of an absolute decline or a diminished emphasis in federal support for basic research in biomedical sciences has been widely expressed. Is there a real basis for concern?...It is regrettable that current apprehensions and cross currents force us to talk about basic research, applied research, application of knowledge, and delivery of services as though they were quite separable and perhaps even mutually exclusive interests. "

oooh, this IS a good one. Any guesses as to when it was published?

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