Hear ye, hear ye, o disgruntle doc

May 20 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

The most annoying type of grant to prepare, by several orders of magnitude, is the T32 Institutional Training Grant.

I can't believe anyone signs up to be the PI of one of those more than once.

So when you are whining about how PIs exist only to exploit you, postdocs, um...shaddap.

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  • whimple says:

    Maybe all those whiny postdocs could be replaced with happy unpaid interns? That way you wouldn't have to suffer through writing the T32.

  • drugmonkey says:

    I didn't say I was writing one Holmes. I would have to be waterboarded into it.

  • BugDoc says:

    Ugh, writing a T32 right now.....if only you had been there shouting "run while you can"! But what does that have to do with disguntle [sic] docs?

  • troll says:

    Well I suppose it WOULD be difficult for you to write a document proving you're actually training your "trainees" rather than using them as benchmonkeys as per usual.

  • drugmonkey says:

    fair point, troll, fair point.

  • leigh says:

    i've gotten to hear ALL about those from someone who'd know. sounds like a real blast...

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