Grant Karma

May 17 2011 Published by under BikeMonkey, NIH Careerism, NIH funding

There is a lot of injustice in grant award and grant failure.

Sometimes you don't get the award you really should have received.

Sometimes you get one that you don't deserve or for which you are not really the best PI or investigative team.

If you focus exclusively on the former you are going to fail to maintain the conditions that make the latter possible.

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  • pinus says:

    Wow, you really don't want to work on your grant.

  • marc says:

    What conditions make it possible? As far as I can tell applying for grants is like trying to hit a pinata while blindfolded and handcuffed. It's an awkward situation, nothing really helps other than taking a lot of wacks and hoping to get lucky.

  • What conditions make it possible?


  • bikemonkey says:

    nothing really helps other than taking a lot of wacks and hoping to get lucky.

    I think you got it.

  • Make sure you have the biggest stick possible, and keep whacking.

  • a.w.e. says:

    They took away my stick last cycle-- can I borrow yours?

  • Isis the Scientist says:

    I'm afraid I don't have a stick.

  • Grant says:

    Agreed! It is amazing how some of the most last-minute, disorganized proposals manage to get funded while excellent ones that PIs worked on for months go unfunded. I don't know whether to chalk this up to luck or the mood of the reviewers. Don't give up though!

  • BikeMonkey says:

    Even my "last minute" proposals are organized. In fact probably the most organized because if you don't stick to your mental template you'll never get it off on time....

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