Collaborators who drop the ball can suck it.

Feb 04 2011 Published by under Careerism, Conduct of Science, Music

Scientific collaborations, like relationships, have their ups and downs. Sometimes, the douchenozzle lets you down. But you know what?


This is for one of my blog peeps. This is totes how I picture you as a scientist. 🙂

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  • anon says:

    Thanks - a much needed pick-me-up after dealing with a tool editor... =)
    - still a rock star...

  • karla says:

    So what ?. That's right !. It is simply part of life and you move on !.

  • antipodean says:

    Cept you can't move on because the douche-nozzles won't supply some tiny bit of work to get the fucking paper submitted... So you are stuck with a 99.9% complete piece of work.

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