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Aug 09 2010 Published by under BlogBlather

If you have been reserving a place in your coffee cup cabinet or tee-shirt drawer since last Monday you need wait no longer. Point yourself to and you will find a few items with the Scientopia logo for your granfalloon pleasures.

"Now DM", you are saying to yourself, "what about all this noncommercial, commie collective stuff"? Well, at the moment since Scientopia is not really set up to handle cashflow*, this shop is set up without any additional charges for the items beyond what cafepress requires. So we're not making a dime.

"What about transparency? I thought you guys are all about the radical transparency?" Yes, well opinions vary on that one but FWIW my goals are threefold. First, to order up some schtuff for my owndangself. Selfish goals are tremendous motivators, you know. Second, to do some marketing of the Scientopia enterprise (whoops, "collective") via exploiting you, DearReader. What? Too honest? It's true. All true- bwaaahaaaahaaahaaa. Ahem.

Third reason is, of course, building community. Which is an experimental endeavor. I have some hypotheses about this (ok, ok, I learned everything I know from Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle) and I plan to test 'em. We may need stuff to hand out to our community now and again and this will facilitate that goal. We may also need a venue for commemorating special events, down the line, ditto on that.

You can use this thread for critique about the shop or email me with special requests from the cafepress catalog if there is something** I haven't put up yet. I can also do some swapping of the front/back location on teeshirts if you have a pressing need.

*and the nature of any cash-handling future behavior of Scientopia is not yet established.
**not the thong though, please, not the thong.

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