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Jul 10 2010 Published by under BlogBlather, Day in the life of DrugMonkey

Looking at the old blogroll I don't know whether to be sad about the ones that have gone silent, wonder why I never read some of the still active ones or boggle that so many ARE still blogging. Including YHN I suppose.

If you want to be amused, and you are new to this old site, go back and read PhysioProfs comments and then eventually his blog entries.

SciCurious has posted some thoughts on her departure from ScinceBlogs. It may enhance understanding for some readers.

Getting around to long neglected problems with the house means not seeing the twerps most of the day- tradeoffs are supposed to be for the workweek, dammit.

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  • Having trouble sleeping so I figured I'd come sniff around. Wow! Nice comment thread on the PepsiCo blog stuff. Really nice to see JuniorProf and many others follow you over here.

    I think we share the same feelings about the advantages of being at ScienceBlogs - and yes, I get really good traffic from having posts at the top bar of the main site and, in turn, that brings more diverse commenters and long-term readership if one can hook them.

    But, on the other hand, it just feels so nice and breezy to be here at your clean WordPress interface. I backed up my blog to a private (for now) WordPress blog and I love how it would look.


  • drugmonkey says:

    There is a certain cleanliness is there not?

    But I'm not really good on the visuals anyway, I just chanced upon this theme and left it. I'm sure there are tons of WP ones that I haven't even seen yet. I may have to do a makeover if this ends up being the option...

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