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Jul 08 2010 Published by under BlogBlather

The joy has even gone out of FWDAOTI.


It isn't me, I'm fine. But some folks I've come to really like are being distressed by Blogheaval Essbefail. Coolio folks are making exits...yeah, they are only going to be a bookmark away. I know.

But there will be distance. Schism. Loss.

Some utter dumbass claimed Sb was no different than Facebook or Twitter. Just a platform to anonymously support personal wankery. Really? I feel sorry for such an empty soul.

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  • John S. Wilkins says:

    I share your sense of loss. Literally. Also note that you will now be ignored by most of the Sciblings as you are no longer in their face on a daily basis. Such is life.

  • drugmonkey says:

    I didn't make a decision on this yet. I'm doing the wait and think routine. Bit it seemed best to do the musing back here..

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