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I made the idle observation on Twitter yesterday that someone had found this blog by searching for the string "proof walt disney smoked pot". My initial read:

search words finding the blog: "proof walt disney smoked pot". Really people? Really?

Apparently some folks are amused by this concept.

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  • Dr Becca says:

    Well, now people who search that string are DEFINITELY going to find this blog.

  • SurgPA says:

    Yup! Now you're No.2 on the google search!

  • Dude, that is so pathetic that you are making "idle observations" on twitter. Don't you have post-docs to browbeat or something? Sheesh.

  • DrugMonkey says:

    Don't you have post-docs to browbeat or something?
    If wasting the time of my trainees and other staff is minimized because I make my idle speculations elsewhere this is a win for my operation. Thanks for pointing that out!

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