Internet Beef and Civility

Jan 21 2010 Published by under #FWDAOTI, Debate and Discussion

"Where men congregate and mix their testosterone with other intoxicants".
HAHHAAHA, don't take what you read on the Intertoobz too seriously people.

Damn that illdoctrine guy is hilarious.
Oh yeah, I happened across this as a related video when I was watching this one.

Um...dots? connect?
naaaaah. Scientists are totes different than rappers.

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  • Catharine says:

    illdoctrine is very hot.

  • Virginia says:

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  • pinus says:

    Is the dialogue from the 2nd video verbatim from scio10? Next thing you know people will start flinging feces at one another!

  • I was there! says:

    I have not the slightest idea if it is verbatim or not. Since there are no recordings all we can go from is recollection. From what I've been reading around the blogosphere those recollections...vary.

  • Ill Doctrine is my favorite vlog!

  • Isabel says:

    "Selected for you by a sponsor" above:
    "You might like:
    * You Might Be a Redneck If... : On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess (this site)"
    And you guys think I'm paranoid huh.
    "Ill Doctrine" sucks.
    "illdoctrine is very hot."
    The 2nd video is funny though. even though I've seen it and it has been making the rounds I can't resist watching it again!

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