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Jan 19 2010 Published by under Blogging

Research Blogging Awards 2010Rather than get yourself all worked up over which big screen Hollywood extravaganza sucked the least in this award season, why not focus on awarding proper credit for your time waster of preference?
Go on over to the site and nominate your favorite blog in one of a zillion categories:

Research Blog of the Year $1,000
Blog Post of the Year $50
Research Twitterer of the Year $50
Best New Blog (launched in 2009) $50
Best Expert-Level blog $50
Best Lay-Level blog $50
Funniest Blog $50
Best Blog -- Spanish-Language $50
Best Blog -- German-Language $50
Best Blog -- Portuguese-Language $50
Best Blog -- Chinese-Language $50
Best Blog -- Biology $50
Best Blog -- Chemistry, Physics, or Astronomy $50
Best Blog -- Clinical Research $50
Best Blog -- Computer Science, Engineering, or Mathematics $50
Best Blog -- Conservation or Geosciences $50
Best Blog -- Health $50
Best Blog -- Psychology $50
Best Blog -- Philosophy, Research, or Scholarship $50
Best Blog -- Neuroscience $50
Best Blog -- Social Sciences or Anthropology $50

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