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sometimes I think I am insufficiently demanding as a PI

I mean fuck!
with the drama already.
just get some work done, write a paper and you can keep the fucking PI happy people!

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  • There is a fine balance between insufficiently demanding and inhumanely demanding. Insufficiently demanding is insufficient when there is insufficient personal drive and work ethic in a laboratory member. Is that sufficient?
    btw, the category tag should be FWDAITL or FWDAIML. But FWDAOTI is sufficient.

    What does it take to get the super secret decoder ring? Please don't tell me I have to wait until I'm a professor... I certainly don't think I can wait until I get an R01; I'll be wandering in confusion for another 15 yrs (give or take)?

  • becca says:

    His trainees aren't dumbasses, he's just trying to get bitter trainees to project their demons onto him*, thus FWDA*OTI*.
    He's quite good at it, actually.
    *Or possibly get us to actually think about what it's like to be a professor. But that sounds too benevolent.

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