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Oct 04 2009 Published by under DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge

Wow. I am just amazed at the generosity of the Scienceblogs readers. The Seed Media Science Blogs challenge has already raised $4,782 from 60 readers. These dollars go to improve classroom learning, mostly in the science and math areas.
The DrugMonkey blog readers have been participating and that makes me very happy. Great job everyone who contributed and I will ask everyone else to consider making a donation of any size. Even at the $1 or $5 level you are not just helping move closer to funding a project, but casting a vote for the importance of education. Education, science education and even a strong vote against the anti-science tactics of PeTA.

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  • Anon says:

    I had to donate to the kids in Mississippi. Trying to bring science to a red state, a little bit at a time. 🙂

  • Funky Fresh says:

    Those PeTA douches can suck it.

  • Thanks for the link I gave for some dissection kits as well as leaving an inspiring message for the teacher, "I gave because you need to educate those kids so they don't rob me."
    And PS Fuck PETA, hopefully one them chokes on their soy wheatgrass latte!

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