ARRA Poster For Labs From Research!America

Aug 21 2009 Published by under NIH, NIH Budgets and Economics

We just received a nice e-mail from Heather Benson--Manager for Science Outreach of Research!America, a research advocacy organization--giving us a heads up that they have created a nice poster for ARRA (i.e., "stimulus")-funded labs to put up on their doors. How fucking coolio is this?!?!?
You can download a vector-based PDF version here.

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  • whimple says:

    It's not cool at all. It's stupid. Putting up these kinds of posters will just encourage the general public to believe that the state of biomedical research funding is just fine and doesn't need any deep systemic help.

  • Cashmoney says:

    It *is* fine whimple. It just needs to be directed into large scale translational projects that might solve health issues. Unproven n00bs and handwaving basic science people can go to the NSF.

  • Sabio says:

    They are stupid for another reason, it further dupes the scientific community into buying into this buy-out economic farce called a government.

  • Danny O'Rerio says:

    Awesome. We haven't seen government propaganda posters around universities in a long time.
    I like this one, which promotes 'green' living:

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