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May 23 2009 Published by under Conduct of Science, Mentoring, Tribe of Science

When I first started working at a medical center, I noticed that almost everyone in scrubs was wearing these weird-ass dorky shoes that looked like a high-school shop class project gone awry. I asked one of them what the fucking dealio was with these weird-ass dorky shoes. All anyone would say was, "They're Danskos. Trust me. Buy a pair." So I did. They are the most comfortable motherfucking shoe on Earth, especially for extended standing. And now they look beeyootiful to me!!!

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  • Those are wretched, horrid things. The only thing they are missing is duct tape.
    It's a good thing I find you hilarious....

  • BikeMonkey says:

    Actually a little duct tape can totally extend the life of those bad boys

  • gnuma says:

    Hah! Big with the ecology types too. But we just have bad taste in clothing as a whole. More into beer, I think.

  • Bah! I hate Danskos! Everyone at my medical center also told me to get Danskos. They're really rough if you don't have amazing ankles, they don't exactly give you alot of stability.
    I prefer Eccos.

  • MillennialGradStudent says:

    I bought a few pairs of Danskos as well. They are ok for standing, but I find the clogs horrible for walking. My feet are wider at the balls and narrow at the heels, so the clog style works especially poorly for my feet. Whitecoat Tales, I like Eccos a lot, too. I think their shoes have more curve to them, which I really like.
    Isis: you may like the Dansko Naomi, a slingback wedge. I find it very comfortable and so cute! I also bought a Dansko heeled knee-high boot that's pretty cute with a short skirt.

  • PalMD says:

    Great for standing, horrible for running to a code.
    My cat figured out that they were my on-call shoes and pissed in can't fix that.

  • pinus says:

    No thank you.

  • The "dolphin" I welded in my eighth-grade shop class looks positively magnificent next to those hideous things.
    I take a lot of your advice, dear CPP. But I learned long ago to draw the line at your fashion sense.

  • Danimal says:

    Huh. These things are called shoes? Where are the heals?

  • Orac says:

    Those are wretched, horrid things

    Not if you're a surgeon and have to stand in the O.R. all day, they're not, although lately I've come to prefer Crocs as my in-hospital shoe.

  • Katie says:

    I'm with you, CPP. I wear nothing else to work. They are perfect lab shoes - absolutely comfortable and the leather is solvent resistant!

  • Monado says:

    Frankly, something that looks like a good, old-fashioned service shoe--normal shaped toe, heel-hugging at the back, laces, wedge heel if any--is also very comfortable and supports the ankle a little more. But no one would mistake them for fashionable.

  • Jeanie says:

    They are very comfortable but appearance-wise they are too effiminate for men. The soft curves of the shoe makes it look feminine. The picture in the post especially looks like a woman's shoe. I could not take seriously any man who was wearing it.

  • Have none of you people heard of Keens?

  • Dr. Feelgood says:

    Try something that is comfy and looks halfway decent. My preferred lab shoe is the Ahnu Questa.
    Super comfy and looks awesome.
    Doc F.

  • I won't judge you for wearing these at work, but I hope you don't wear these outside of work, PP, or else you might never get laid.

  • @Orac
    Crocs... The only shoe uglier than Danskos.
    Our surgery and OB departments have an unwritten rule about not wearing crocs, apparently some patients deemed them unprofessional looking.

  • jc says:

    They need Bedazzling.

  • Wow. I've been wearing a (gag gifted) pair of Crocs a LOT at work lately. I swore I'd never do it-- they are so ugly! But...sigh...they are so comfortable!

  • Laura says:

    I'm a big fan of Merrell shoes for the lab. I noticed lots of doctors wearing them when I worked as a tech at a research hospital. Clarks (and their associated lines, like Privo) tend to be good, too. I have long, narrow feet ("sled runners," my mom calls them), though, so YMMV.

  • Kate says:

    I tend to wear running sneakers in the lab, just my next-newest pair (I leave them in a drawer so I can wear other shoes when out of lab). I do own and love Danskos as well, though. For those with narrow feet (like me) they do now make a narrower version!
    Other good brands: Born, Clarks, Keen (there are closed-toe keens out there, at least for women)

  • neurolover says:

    No one has mentioned my shoe-love, Naots. But, of course, CCP started this thread to drive Isis insane, no? I'm glad she got in the first comment.
    I don't like the steel shank in the Danskos. These days, I guess, everyone has to take their shoes off at the airport. But, in the old days, I hated having tot ake the Danskos off.

  • No one has mentioned my shoe-love, Naots. But, of course, CCP started this thread to drive Isis insane, no? I'm glad she got in the first comment.

    That is exactly the point. The boy is mocking me.

  • Dude ... you wear heels?

  • Gingerale says:

    I'm with neurolover (#23). I only saw the headline of the post and I thought ach! I've gotta know what Isis says! For true!
    I'd like people who have other shoes to recommend please to include some URLs, as in #16 (Thanks, Doc Feelgood).

  • Hi, I agree with the above entry. Greetings thread author. Waiting for the next entries.

  • TomJoe says:

    Bah. Red Wing Shoes for me please.

  • Ranson says:

    It must be fun to have the ability to choose between varieties of shoes. 14 EEEEE feet leave me with about two or three brands that, apparently, assume that having big feet makes you colorblind. I've found one brand that specializes in "brown", and I get a very expensive pair every two years or so. I don't do as much standing in the lab as I used to, but I would've killed for something looking like these and good for stationary work a few years back.

  • HCN says:

    Orac said "I've come to prefer Crocs as my in-hospital shoe."
    Oh my Ed, in all of years since I started to stalk, um no sorry, follow you on Usenet I would have never guessed.
    Please, I hope they are not Mario Batali neon orange!

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