The Great DM Easter Egg Hunt of 2009

Apr 13 2009 Published by under Blogging

Our little Easter Egg hunt was fun for me and apparently fun for several readers as well. I received 14 baskets including one obvious cheaterpants and two after the deadline (tsk, tsk).
I am still doing a little scoring and cross checking however it is very likely that at least two of our winners will be the ones who found 11 eggs each.

That's right DearReader. What would an Easter Egg hunt be without Easter Eggs?
The full list of posts on which eggs were hidden:

  1. Bush's Drug Czar: The Anti-Science Gift That Keeps on Giving
  2. Yeah, Yeah, College Kids Take Drugs (snore)....WHAT???!! 75 Arrests?
  3. International Drug Scheduling
  4. French Men Drink More and Faster When the Music Is Cranked to 11
  5. Amy Winehouse, Crack Cocaine and Emphysema
  6. The Marijuana Potency Data
  7. MDMA: A first person account
  8. Ecstasy is an environmental threat too?
  9. Recreational Drug Use in the Year After Initiation
  10. YouTube cracks down on drug abuse video?
  11. Drug Addiction in the Hospitalized Patient: A Blindspot for Medical Professionals?
  12. Drug Addiction Dualism is Harmful, Not Just an Interesting Philosophical Navel-Inspection

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  • 12 eggs? Geez, dude - you changed the rules after you set the challenge? What happened to "There are 10 of these Easter Eggs hidden on blog posts" and "Find the eggs and email me the list of 10 posts on which they are hidden"?? Had I know there were more, I could have spent another half an hour clicking on company time!
    Someone who clearly didn't bother to read the instructions in the first place given that I sent my basket in a tad late (at least I was in good company in that regard) but who would gladly teach her classes wearing a DrugMonkey shirt, sweatshirt and/or underpants (the students won't see the latter though I can assure you).

  • leigh says:

    but... aww. i stopped when i found 10.

  • Arikia says:

    I found all 12!! All the prizes are mine!!!!!!!!

  • DrugMonkey says:

    I found all 12!! All the prizes are mine!!!!!!!!
    You didn't show your work...

  • 11??? And now 12??? You said 12, bitch!!!

  • LostMarbles says:

    I could have spent another half an hour clicking on company time!
    It took you that long? All you had to do was click through the drug related labels and scroll quickly. I quit at 10, but it only took me 10 minutes.

  • Eggs Benny says:

    So, for future reference, how does one cheat?

  • jc says:

    DM, you clearly write grant announcements for NIH. I should have called the PD for clarification. 10 eggs does not = 10 eggs. sheesh.

  • It took you that long? All you had to do was click through the drug related labels and scroll quickly.
    Ummm ... I did say that I didn't read the instructions thoroughly enough, didn't I!?

  • Sara says:

    Oh, that is disappointing. I thought there might be sneakiness like that, but when you so clearly said that there were 10 hidden, I took you at your word. (And yes, I realize that all 12 months have 28 days, but I've always found that joke annoying and not clever.)

  • Yeah, I'm annoyed too, DM. I spent a half hour looking for those damn eggs, just for you to have tricks up your sleeve? Well, hell, I would have rather put in the extra 5 minutes to find the extra 2 eggs.
    That's like giving students an exam, and having an extra page hidden in a closet somewhere, and only giving full credit to the student who happens to fish around for an extra test page in the janitor's cleaning pail. Gosh.

  • DrugMonkey says:

    The awards have been issued, thanks for playing everybody.
    (and for you whiny grade grubbers, never fear, your odds were unchanged. Those that went above and beyond to find 11 eggs were bonus winners)

  • microfool says:

    In defense of DM, he never specified what base the "10" (pronounced one-zero) was in; many of us assumed base ten, but obviously he meant base 12, or duodecimal: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,10.
    # The competition took place on April 12.
    # If you use photoshop to blow-up and enhance that egg-toting, bonneted monkey has six fingers on each extremity.
    # The blog-owner is never wrong.
    I, for one, welcome our twelve-fingered monkey overl0rdz, and would note that my mastery of the dozenal system would be useful in luring bloglings to toil in the egg mines.

  • DrugMonkey says:

    btw, for those of you that are little chickens as well as being DearReaders, there is a new option for spending your appreciation prizes

  • Knock it off!!! My t-shirts aren't done yet!!!!!

  • and for you whiny grade grubbers...
    Just came back to visit this post... and I fear that you are not the first to call me a whiny grade grubber! 🙂 I have a comic strip I have to send you...

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