Journal of Neuroscience Now Permits Internet Pre-Publication

Recognizing that open exchange and discussion of ideas is important for the advancement of the field, The Journal of Neuroscience will now consider manuscripts that have been prepublished on the Internet, whether in prepublication repositories or elsewhere. Authors considering prepublication should realize that it is essential that they retain the copyright for all prepublished material.

Here is the full announcement.

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  • cashmoney says:

    A domino effect do you think?

  • cashmoney says:

    Moreover, prepublication does not appreciably undermine the role of peer-reviewed journals. Because only journals provide the imprimatur of rigorous peer review, prepublished manuscripts remain preliminary (much like abstracts), and authors and readers will continue to rely on journals for authoritative citations. This view is supported by current practices in other fields, such as physics, chemistry and quantitative biology, where preliminary manuscripts are often prepublished, providing investigators with richer and more detailed input from a broad range of colleagues.

    the part I bolded is quite a challenge to other journals to follow suit, is it not?

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