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Jan 09 2009 Published by under Blogging

Unless you've been living under a rock* you will be aware of the upcoming SB blackout. Well, freeze-down might be a better term. We'll still be here** but everything will be static. No posting, no commenting.
You might think this would be an opportune time for the Science Blogsters to take a little TO, catch up on real life business, maybe write a paper or something. You'd be wrong.
So after you have finished perusing the blogs on our blogroll (no, really, go click on three you haven't ever looked at) and found all the low profile gems out there like Lou and Thomas and Matt, here's a little hint.
Apparently the lions will be laying down with the lambs over at PhysioProf. That's right, rumour has it that Greg Laden hissowndamnself may make an appearance. I think they're just pulling my leg but perhaps the Oracular one as well. It is not the Rapture***.
The final strategy to get you through your unbearable longing is to snoop around the About pages and sidebars of your favorite bloggers to locate their original, pre-assimilation blogsites. DrugMonkey on WordPress, for example. If I have anything new, it'll prolly show up there.
See you in the brave new world of SB on Movable Type 4.
*read only this blog under the Science Blogs banner
**promiseth the tech OverLordzzz
***I really, really, really hope.....? Gulp.

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