Professor in Training on Big Mechanism Boondoggles

Oct 23 2008 Published by under Careerism

Professor in Training has a great post up in which the selfish and authoritarian practices of the typical Program Director (the PI of the whole shebang) are revealed.

I learned today that Clueless Mentor has now asked Dr J to terminate any remaining personnel on his project by the end of December and to fund any incomplete studies using his own funding.
Clueless Mentor has not reduced any personnel and/or spending on his own project ... in fact, spending had been substantially increased in recent months to facilitate the generation of more preliminary data that he could use to support a recent R01 as well as his own upcoming PPG submission.

It is absolutely essential for junior faculty who are participating on Big Mechanisms to understand the traditional pitfalls in addition to the benefits. Go read PiT's excellent post.

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