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Oct 12 2008 Published by under DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge

For those of you who have been interested in the Bloggers challenge and the participation by ScienceBlogs'ters and the DrugMonkey Blog Readers in particular, there is a new way to help. is in the running for a big prize from American Express and if you are a cardholder they would appreciate your vote.

from the folks:

The contest ends at midnight EST on Monday, so we've got less than 48 hours left to go. 1st place comes with $1.5 million, and 2nd place comes with $500,000--all of which would go to classroom projects on our site. In this economy, winning those funds could be critical for the students and teachers we serve.

An inspiration from a Members Project participant.

If you are a cardholder, please go and register your vote for the children helped by DonorsChoose.
As an update, fan-freakin-tastic job DrugMonkey Blog Readers! You've kept us near the top of the Sb leaderboard in terms of the number of donors and for that I continue to be really touched. Thank you all for your generosity. It is not so important that you give a lot of money. We get hundreds of visits each day and our reliable commentariat runs to the several dozens. If everyone gives but $10 we can make a huge difference.

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