Happy Anniversary PhysioProf!

Oct 10 2008 Published by under Blogging

It was about a year ago that PhysioProf joined the DrugMonkey blog. After he left a few post-quality comments on some of my observations, I figured I better sign him up.

PP's first posts on writing a research plan for your job search and preparing and delivering a short seminar quickly demonstrated why I invited him to co-blog. The followup posts on "theatrics" and "taking care of business" confirmed it was going to be FUN!
And it has been.
Thanks for a great year of blogging holmes!

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  • Happy Blogoversary, PhysioProf. Just between us (because I don't want this getting out), you're beginning to grow on me.

  • marilove says:

    I discovered him at feministe and I just want to say how refreshing I find him! Yay!

  • Wow!! Comrade PhysioProf has been called many things, but "refreshing" is a first!

  • marilove says:

    *grin* Well, you speak your mind without apology, always, no matter the audience. That is, indeed, refreshing!

  • PhysioProf, let us make sure that we are very clear. It was your intent to call DrugMonkey a "motherfucker" and not Isis the Scientist. Dr. Isis is, after all, the domestic and laboratory goddess and will not tolerate name calling. Especially when she has never carnally known anyone's mother.

  • Nat says:

    I'm sure there's plenty more spleen to vent and insight to pass on!

  • Becca says:

    So for your paper anniversary you'll be ordering personalized stationary that says "From the motherfucking desk of Comrade PhysioProf" right?

  • Sol, you pathetic doucheknocker. I am in an exceedingly good mood on my anniversary, and so therefore I am not going to ban your motherfucking ass for posting absurd off-topic drivel.
    But you better watch your fucking step, because the next time you pull this shit, I may not be in such an outstanding mood. Capisce, asshole?

  • Becca says:

    S. Rivlin dude- I don't know what you were like in high school, but the high schoolers I knew reveled in vulgar, infantile behavior!
    Of course, everyone (even my current, comparably-young self) on this blog would be far too old to be seen as anything other than hopelessly out of touch by my teenage-self.

  • Happy motherfucking anniversary PP 🙂

  • Let me take all the fun away and add a bit of a serious note to congratulate PhysioProf and commend DrugMonkey on keeping him here. I stand by my original assertions in my welcome post at Page 3.14 that this blog provides a tremendous service in helping the younger folks understand how to succeed in this business and allowing us slightly older folks a place to commiserate. The advice provided here could be packaged and sold by subscription by consulting firms to academic workshops but these gents provide it for free.
    Just as valuable is that DM The Blog is a great place to come and interact with all of you. These posts generate great comment threads and I submit that the frankness and open discourse (and discord) has cultivated a very nice community of people who agree to disagree which, to me, is what science is about anyway.
    To PhysioProf specifically, it's a delight to read your colorful language because it reminds me so much of my late grandmother. This is really how we all (or most of us) talk in person, especially over beer, wine, or Jameson, and don't get to do in talks, manuscripts, or responses to previous reviewer critiques. It's nice to have this place to come to and speak freely about the bullshit that faces us in trying to stay gainfully employed and help our trainees and colleagues do so as well.
    I'm glad to see that DrugMonkey hasn't yet sobered up enough to change the blog's account password to lock you out. Congratulations, you goatfucker!

  • SeaMonkey says:

    As if those mofos need more head swelling Abe!!!!

  • Happy Blog-joining Anniversary? What the fuck? One of the reasons I read Comrade Physioprof is that one can generally be safe from this kind of senti-mushy bullshit. Next you'll be telling me that it is customary to gift someone with bandwidth on their 1st blog-join-iversary, spam on their second, cookies on their third and, well,....sheeeeeesh.
    Happy fucking anniversary.

  • leigh says:

    um, i didn't recognize the writing style because of the distinct lack of the word "motherfucker" and any of its variations in those early posts...
    at any rate, congrats and keep up the good fucking work.

  • Venkat says:

    Wow. For some reason i thought DM and PP were around here since the dawn of the intertubes.
    I just landed my postdoc job and, whether i finally end up in academia or not, i guess i'm locked in atleast for the next few years on all the gripes/useful tips i see here.

  • River Tam says:

    So, are PhysioProf's language "skills" an innate skill, or is this something he's been developing over the past year giving us all hope that we too can be motherfucking PhysioProf's?
    Happy annifuckingversary!

  • PM says:

    Happy (belated) anniversary CPP. I value your advice and same goes for DM.
    Also, I voted "Staler and Waldorf."

  • kiwi says:

    love the blog. Better mentoring than at home, fuck it.

  • drdrA says:

    Hey Congrats C PP-
    I'm going to make you a top 10 things I learned from physioprof list... but its gotta wait until after the grant deadline...

  • pooffers says:

    I suspect you guys don't like the 'drama' as Becca would say. S.Rivlin's often inane comments should speak for themselves.

  • Arlenna says:

    Yo anonymous: on your next birthday, I hope someone spits on your shoes, and then someone else gives you crap for being irritable about it.

  • Sol, stay on fucking topic and you won't have your comments deleted. If you persist in wasting your time and mine with inane off-topic drivel, you will continue to have such comments deleted.