Blogrolling: Lecturer Notes (or, The Return of Propter Doc)

Aug 28 2008 Published by under Blogging

Many of you were, like me, a little sad to hear Propter Doc, author of post doc ergo propter doc blog, sign off a few months ago. Well, Propter Doc is back, sortof.
Author "KH" has launched a new blog entitled Lecturer Notes to reflect a new phase in the academic career of the blogger-previously-known-as-propter.
Grant proposal in 250 characters or less:

Ths grnt iz vry imptnt b'cos it wl sv the wrld. I wl uze chmcl tchnks 2 slv ths problm. I nd $ 4 chmcls & slvnt & lb kt. Rezultz wl b pblshd in lolchmstry.

Propter Doc is dead, Long Live KH! (or something like that)

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  • KH says:

    Well, you know, I thought about coming back as a strange symbol, ala Prince/The artist formally known as, but it just made my HTML look bad.

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