I Told You She is the Grand Dame of Prof-Blogging!!

Aug 18 2008 Published by under Blogging

Deadwood tenured hallway trolls and random misogynist scientists everywhere are on high alert! The Grand Dame of Science Professor Blogging, Female Science Professor, has distilled, organized, re-writted, edited and arm-wrestled her best blog work into a "book-like" thing: Academeology: Random Musings, Strong Opinions & Somewhat Bizarre Anecdotes From An Academic Life. w00t!
It is available for purchase (print or download) from lulu.com.
The witty, erudite, inspirational (and occasionally plain intimidating) observations of FSP are a staple of feed-readers and blogrolls so I hardly need to point this out for my audience. No doubt most of you already are big fans of FSP (if not, what in the heck is wrong with you?).

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