Blogrolling: JUNIORPROF and Blue Lab Coats

Apr 01 2008 Published by under Blogging, Careerism, NIH, Tribe of Science

I added a couple of additional scientist blogs to the Blogroll, I think you will enjoy them. These are blogs are each recently launched, from active biologically oriented research scientist and are already discussing issues of careerism and the science life. This warms the cockles of YHN's heart.

First up is long-time DM commenter juniorprof who has launched his eponymous blog, JUNIORPROF. About bloody time! Our readers will be familiar with his often blog-worthy comments on various aspects of the bioscience career and will no doubt be delighted to read his posts on science, scientist fashion? He's musing on really early career stuff like the RealPolitiks of the job search process, negotiating the startup package and acquiring one's first trainees,
Next is the new-to-me drdra and her Blue Lab Coats blog. There's a series on the academic job search (one, two, three, four), some on women faculty and the parent-scientist.
Good stuff in both blogs, go read.

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