Wait...HuffPo Doesn't Have a Science Section Already?

Huffington Post blogger David Sloan Wilson wonders why the Huffington Post has no section for "Science".

I am reminded of this cover every time I visit the Huffington Post and see the words "Politics," "Media," "Business," "Entertainment," and "Living" on the top banner. These comprise the Huffington Post's view of the world. Where, I would like to know, is "Science?"

Where indeed?

Whether one is a daily, infrequent or never-ever reader of the HuffPo site, if you are interested in science outreach, the interaction of science with the public which funds it, a particular public policy issue which relates to science or benefits from science....you may want to go and comment.
It isn't as though HuffPo doesn't interest itself in science stories. For grins I quickly found some HuffPo action on:

[h/t: Jennifer Jacquet of Shifting Baselines]

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  • Joel says:

    A science section on HuffPo would mean HuffPo would have to venture into fact based reporting. The tin foil hat brigades wouldn't stand for it.

  • ohok says:

    Is HuffPo a legit news source or even a news dumping ground? I rarely go to that site, and the lack of science coverage bolsters my decision. Next.

  • Badger3k says:

    Aww, come on. They regularly host the likes of David Kirby and Deepak Chopra. You can't get more sciency than that. Seriously, the anti-science bias of Huffington (down to having some of my own comments - on some anti-vaxx, maybe Kirby's posts- disappearing (or rather, never showing up IIRC, after being in queue), well, it kinda made me drop the site from my newsfeed. You rarely find anyone who actively promotes science posting there, even though some of the readers are scientifically literate.
    Well, that, and Arianna Huffington just creeps me out.

  • Badger3k says:

    Another quick bit - I kind of think of Huffpo as the WorldNutDaily of the Left. I would not be surprised to find posts on Bigfoot being abducted by Aliens, who are really Freemasons. Or some such drek.

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